Beach paradise

Beach paradise

Four most beautiful beaches of Montenegrin cost are part of company property…

These sandy beaches are meeting the highest standards in accordance with the exclusivity of their location – rentals of beach loungers and umbrellas are available and the guests can enjoy cocktails and other premium drinks prepared at the nearby cafes and restaurants.

Queen’s beach 

Very near  Sveti Stefan island is situated one of the most beautiful beaches on the Montenegrin coast, the Queen’s beach. This beach is especially famous for the amazing sunsets.

Miločer beach

Miločer beach is also known under the name of “King’s beach”. It is situated next to the Queen’s beach and it is surrounded by park in which are growing some exotic species such as: Lebanese cedar, tropical mimosa, cactus, agave and many others.

Sveti Stefan beach

Sveti Stefan beach is famous for rare natural phenomena – tombola. It is a sandy isthmus which connects the island and the land. From both sides of the tombola are situated sandy beaches, one of each side.