Beautiful nature is not the only thing our visitors can enjoy while they are staying on our property but also they can enjoy and find rich gastronomical experiences that fit their taste.

In Aman restaurants they can enjoy mostly Mediterranean cuisine that is using only local seasonal products hand picked from the ground that are fresh and combined into a gastronomical art. Aman restaurants are also great places for celebrations and events.

Nobu cuisine is recognised for its specific blend of traditional Japanese cuisine enriched with innovations, and characteristics of culinary specialties typical for the place the restaurant is located at. Therefore, certain dishes containing Montenegrin cuisine characteristics can be found in restaurant Nobu Montenegro.

The Olive restaurant is the treasure of Greek & Mediterranean gastronomy and affords guests to taste the best wines and other drink specific for the Balkan area.


Pod Murvom is sociable bar and grill gives sun-dazed beachgoers the chance to refuel with toasted sandwiches, full meals, excellent coffee and fruity cocktails. It’s right on the public beach.